The reason we are sharing this HELI-HOG’N movie is to carry awareness to the mind-boggling Hog Epidemic which is likely on nowadays in our State. These Feral Hogs are in every single state, there are some states where by the Hog inhabitants is at epidemic proportions. Texas, Florida, California and Hawaii are the most affected. A woman can have a different litter every single 3 months, three weeks and three days. They are going to have amongst ten to fifteen infants for every litter. The demonstrates that you see on Television set where by they consider 2 Hogs for every one/2 hour show is completely ineffective in preventing the Hog inhabitants. Our way is extra productive in managing these disgusting critters. The pig destruction of Farm land and Non-public assets is in the Thousands and thousands of bucks lost, pigs will take in just about all the things including every other. This Online video is not for sale and compensated Looking visits working with a Helicopter at this time are not obtainable. On the other hand if you would like extra details about Bowhunting, Evening Eyesight and Rifle Looking for Hogs please truly feel no cost to contact us. Many thanks, Gary

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